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What We Do  About Trade Area Systems Trade Area Systems is the leading supplier of Enterprise Market Intelligence (EMI) systems for retail real estate. Our EMI system, TAS Unity, is configured for retail real estate and connects people from all parts of the organization. It does for retail real estate what CRM does for the sales process. TAS Unity is the quickest and most cost-effective way to connect your company around market intelligence. Find out why some of the world's leading retailers, developers, and retail brokers are using TAS Unity.   for Retailers  Retailers Some of the world’s largest retailers rely on TAS Unity for market analysis, site selection, data acquisition and much more.
for REITs & Developers  Developers Successful retail REITs & developers use TAS Unity to put the power of their market intelligence in people's hands, wherever they need it.
for Retail Brokers  Retailer Brokers The key to success in retail is getting and keeping retail clients. We allow brokers to create a powerful nationwide knowledge-base that makes them invaluable to their clients.
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