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Clear & accurate analysis of the impacts of new stores on your existing stores and competitors
Complex mapping provides the power of metaphors in explaining spatial intelligence to your audience
TAS Model TAS Model™ is a very sophisticated spatial interaction model that uses market data to model shopping patterns. Once the system has modeled the market as it exists today, TAS Model can then predict what will happen when something in the market changes.

Precise Sales ModelingFor example, TAS Model can estimate the sales for a new store before it is opened – or before the deal is signed. It can determine the trade area for the store – taking into account the road network and the competitive landscape as it exists today, or as you think it may exist tomorrow.

Since TAS Model models the entire market area, it also allows you to estimate cannibalization of existing stores due to the new store. This lets you see the net increase in sales for the company.

Retail Decision SupportTAS Model allows the actual trade area of the store to be accurately modeled. The demographics of this trade area can then be used to optimize product offering based on the customers that will shop the location. This can inform merchandising decisions for retailers and small store tenant mix optimization for developers.

TAS Model can also help in assessing the viability of remodels, expansions, and store closings as well the impact of future competition. It is truly a world-class decision support tool.
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