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Enhancing_the_Art_of_Retail_Site_Selection_Cover.pngEnhancing the Art of Retail Site Selection - Part 1

In Part 1 of this two-part series, you'll learn the art of retail site selection and how it can fail, and will understand:

  • How to improve decision making
    • Pattern recognition
      • What can go wrong

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Enhancing_the_Art_of_Retail_Site_Selection.pngEnhancing the Art of Retail Site Selection - Part 2

Part 2 discusses enhancing pattern recognition skills in retail real estate professionals, specifically:

  • Why we need people
  • Steps to improving pattern recognition in site selection

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The TAS team handled the challenges we threw their way like champs. It was clear from the beginning that they would be a great long-term partner.

Mark Pollan, Manager of Site Quality & New Store Performance, 7-Eleven, Inc.