Award-winning, retail site selection technology
Designed to make the best deals happen

Trade Area Systems helps you find AND close the 
best retail opportunities before your competition does.

We do this by giving your people better information
and making your process more efficient.



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For Retailers, Restaurants, and Banks/Financial Services

Trade Area Systems enhances your site selection process while also accelerating it, so you can lock up the best sites before the competition does.

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For Shopping Center Owners and Developers

Trade Area Systems combines the market and business intelligence you need to find new opportunities and make smart leasing decisions quickly.

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The TAS Unity Suite™

Seamlessly connecting desktop GIS, online, and mobile to the market and business intelligence you need to make the superior retail real estate decisions 3 times faster.


TAS Online™

With TAS Online it’s easy to make better, faster decisions right from your web browser. You have secure access to everything you need, plus the ability to update information. No more emails, PDFs, notes and cell phone pictures - now it’s kept in one place - attached to the opportunity it belongs to. The result is better informed decisions made much faster.

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TAS Mobile™

TAS Mobile is designed for people in the field. You still have access to all the information you need to make better decisions - but from your mobile phone or tablet. Plus, TAS Mobile takes advantage of the built-in GPS and camera in your mobile device. So you can collect information in the field and immediately make it available to anyone who needs it.

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TAS Analyst™

TAS Analyst is designed for retail real estate power users. It is a full-featured and easy-to-use retail geographic information system (GIS) built on MapInfo Professional® and is designed to do the things that retail real estate analysts need. It’s also perfect for creating large format maps.

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And More

The retail real estate industry faces unique challenges. Trade Area Systems focuses exclusively on retail real estate and so has developed technology to address these problems - technology to help insure accurate demographic retrieval in dynamic markets, keep competitor data up-to-date, create accurate drive time polygons, and maintain one version of the truth - are all part of our system.

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Sales Forecasting Models: A Guide for Retail Executives

In this eBook, you will learn how much money your organization is losing to dead-deal costs with your current site selection process

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The Researcher’s Guide to Getting Organizational Buy-In for a Collaborative Retail Site Selection Solution

Secure organizational buy-in that will move you closer toward taking site selection to the next level. 

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