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We just shipped a great new feature to TAS Online called Ad Hoc Data Importer. TAS Online users licensed with write-access can quickly add locations from an Excel or CSV file into TAS Online for mapping, reporting, and even sharing with others in the system.

Here is a typical scenario where you would use this new feature:

A retailer just announced the closure of their stores, and their footprint may be the perfect fit! What is the fastest way to analyze their locations? With the Ad Hoc Import tool, you can take a list of their stores and drop it into your map. Once imported, you can use TAS Online tools for analysis:

  1. Quickly visualize the overlap with your existing store network
  2. Export trade area demographics to test for demographic compatibility
  3. Run a closest store analysis to find out how close they are to your stores (or your competition)
  4. Share the layer with other users in your organization for their own analysis
  5. Save and Publish maps of the top sites

Please contact your organization’s administrator to gain access to the Ad Hoc Import feature.

Additionally, we created a few videos that walk through how to use the Ad Hoc Import tool and its associated Manager. Click on the animated GIF to launch the videos, or click here.

Glenda Bemis