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Following the recent acquisition of Intalytics by The Kalibrate Group, the parent company of TAS, we catch up with TAS Co-founder and President, Bill Dakai, and Intalytics President, Justin Tischler, for a quick Q&A. 

Firstly, can you share your view on the other parties pre Kalibrate acquisition?

Bill Dakai: I have always thought that Intalytics was the gold standard for analytics and consulting in our space. They have the perfect combination of advanced analytics backed by years of practical experience. Several TAS customers have utilized Intalytics for modeling over the years and they have all commented on how customer-focused the company is.

Justin Tischler: The team at TAS really understands site selection and the processes that real estate research departments undertake when exploring new development opportunities, and it shows in the platform and tools they have brought to market for years. And now that we have an opportunity to work together, their passion for delivering high quality solutions to their customers is even more apparent.

Justin, what made Kalibrate stand out as a partner?

JT: It was very important for us that any partner understood the location analytics space. Kalibrate has been operating in this market for more than 50 years, and has a reputation for providing reliable data and analytics to assist in location planning decisions globally.

In addition, Kalibrate’s acquisition of TAS demonstrated that they are dedicated to expanding in this space. We're starting to work together to leverage our collective strengths to deliver world-class solutions that help our customers make better decisions.

How do TAS and Intalytics complement each other?

BD: I think we share vision and values – they’re really foundations for a successful partnership. We know our teams will all be pulling in the same direction. Both companies offer high-quality talent alongside best of breed technology. The combined resources and capabilities make a highly attractive proposition – it’s exciting for me working as part of it, and we hope it’ll be exciting for our clients and the wider market too.

The Intalytics team are already supporting some of our professional service engagements and it’s been really positive experience welcoming them into the team.

Obviously the end goal is aligned – we both help our clients make better decisions through data. But no two brands face the same challenges or have the same analytics needs, and I think our respective solution sets today reflect to some extent the differences in our end users’ top priorities. What’s really exciting though is the opportunity to bring together the best of what we both have to offer, and to extend the range of our predictive modeling and analytics consulting capabilities.

But beyond the solutions, it’s clear we share a set of values. I’ve always been proud of Intalytics’ culture of innovation, and I see the same spirit at TAS and in the broader Kalibrate Group.

What can TAS clients expect in the near future?

BD: We’ve had a lot of questions about when clients can include Intalytics forecasting models within TAS. Just to update again – we’re on it! We will keep you updated on these developments in the regular meetings with your Account Manager and via the TAS customer newsletter.

As I mentioned, we’re already working with the Intalytics team on a number of professional services engagements and we expect that to continue.

JT: As Bill says, we’re in discussion with some TAS clients on the professional services front, so they’re already getting added value from the relationship by being able to access Intalytics expertise. The forthcoming modeling and analytics integrations will be a big plus – and we’re excited to start those conversations with more TAS clients.

How does TAS and Intalytics being part of the Kalibrate Group impact the wider market? What does it mean for real estate teams?

BD: In terms of what it means for real estate teams – if they’re serious about making good decisions, the Kalibrate Group and its planning capabilities are going to be years ahead of the competition. The quality just won’t be available elsewhere.

JT: In short, the Kalibrate Group is capable of serving real estate and marketing teams at any level – from providing practical guidance for small operators to deploying enterprise turnkey systems  – all with global reach and industry-leading quality of data and analytics.

Is there anything you can share on the roadmap ahead?

BD: TAS will be presenting at the upcoming Kalibrate Fuel and Retail Innovation Summit, which went really well last year, and Intalytics will be joining us for some sessions. We expect to be in position to provide much more clarity on the development roadmap by then. In addition, TAS and Intalytics will be exhibiting together this year at RECon where we plan on demonstrating the integration of Intalytics models within TAS.

JT: I’ll second Bill – we’re looking forward to the Kalibrate Fuel and Retail Innovation Summit, and hope you will join us then!




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