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As I train existing TAS Analyst users on the new 64-bit version, I get feedback regarding which features most excite our user base. I’d like to review the five features that our users are most excited about in TAS Analystx64.

Access TAS Analyst within MapInfo Professional

First off, we completely changed our approach on how you access TAS Analyst with regards to its integration with MapInfo Professional. While TAS Analyst 32 was a separate application that embedded MapInfo Professional, TAS Analystx64 is built as an add-in to MapInfo Professional. In the past, there were still some cases where our users preferred to do some analysis in TAS Analyst and then open MapInfo Professional separately to make some final touches on their maps and outputs. Users can do this now all in one spot!

Having TAS Analyst as an add-in to MapInfo Professional also makes it easier to integrate MapBasic applications and does not require you to have the MapBasic source code.

Fully interactive layout map window

One of the highest priority items that our customers have asked us for was a better experience navigating between map windows and layout windows. The good news is with TAS Analystx64 you don’t need to switch between the windows at all since layout windows can now contain fully interactive maps. This means you can skip building a map before setting it up in a layout for printing or presentations. In fact, your workspaces don’t even need separate map windows since you can use all of your TAS Analyst tools within the layout maps. Generate trade areas, run demographic reports, generate customer data and UberRetail thematics, and even process closest store analysis all from your layout maps.

Map Books with MapInfo layout templates

MapInfo Professional added layout templates in their 64-bit version so we took the opportunity to incorporate these templates into the TAS Analystx64 toolset. In the MapInfo layouts interface, you can design your own templates containing maps, images, scalebars, browsers, and TAS Analyst placeholders for passing dynamic titles and theme legends. These templates can then be used in tools like the Quick Image Save or Map Books so you can have TAS Analystx64 automatically print out your PDF maps for your entire portfolio in bulk. The result is you have complete control over all aspects of bulk mapping using easy to configure layout templates.

Software auto updates

Updating prior versions of TAS Analyst often required you to manually download updates or ask someone from TAS to apply the update on your behalf. We are happy to say that we have added automatic updates into TAS Analystx64! When this option is enabled, TAS Analystx64 will check to see if there is a new version. If a new version is available, you will be asked if you want to download the update. If you select yes, the update is automatically downloaded and TAS Analystx64 will reload within moments.

Quick jump to Support Center

Given the large visual differences between prior versions and TAS Analystx64, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our users to learn the new interface. Added to all TAS Analystx64 tools is a hotkey to quickly open the help guide in the TAS Support Center. To view an article on how to use a tool, navigate to the tool in the TAS Analyst menu, hover over the tool with your mouse, and hit F1. This will automatically sign you into the TAS Support Center and jump to the article of interest. Once you are in the Support Center, you can of course go to other articles, our community forums, and your landing page for support tickets.

I hope that you are as excited about the release of TAS Analystx64 as I am. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Glenda Bemis