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Whether you have new starters you'd like to get trained up on TAS or you’re a seasoned user refreshing your knowledge, we have a range of resources to help.

Within the support center are a selection of videos created by our client services team to help all levels of TAS user to hone their skills.  From time-saving hints, feature explainers, and guides to functionality, everything you need to enhance you skills in TAS can be found here. 

Getting started

In TAS, click the Support Center then Community.

TAS grab 1

From here, click TAS Support Center.

TAS grab 2

You can then access all our support across the different TAS solutions. 

TAS 3 grab

In this example, we've clicked TAS Online then Video Tutorials.


Here, you'll find a wealth of instructional videos from our clients services team to help you get the most from TAS Online.

TAS part 4 grabs



TAS Team