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Another #GISDay is upon us, and while myself and everyone else here at TAS are extremely busy, I was able to carve out some time to come up with some solid suggestions for how my fellow GIS enthusiasts can spend this special day.

  1. Tattoo your home lat/lon on your arm (then never move again)

  2. Find an aerial view of a mountain range that looks like your dog

  3. Go to Google streetview and try to figure out who’s car that is outside your ex’s place

  4. Put a GPS tracker on your ex’s car.

  5. Drink a beer from every country you want to visit (not really GIS-related, but a good excuse anyway)

  6. Argue with your GIS buddies about the proper methodology for defining trade areas, then realize how futile that argument is and argue about deflategate instead.

  7. Play geopardy:

  8. Finally break out that map necktie you got last Christmas.

  9. Come up with an official GIS Day drink. Can I interest you in a “Maphattan”? Anyone?

  10. Take the Window seat!