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Hope you are all safe, healthy, and beating the heat this summer. Today I would like to let you know about the latest updates to the TAS Platform. Last month, we introduced the bulk edit tool in TAS Online. In this update, we made major enhancements to the tool and added some new configuration options within TAS Management Studio that allow you to fully control user access to the tool. For TAS Mobile users, we updated the camera tools for Android devices for better usability and we added the Job Management tool from TAS Online to make processed reports available on your mobile device.

Updated Bulk Edit Tool in TAS Online

During its initial release, the bulk edit tool was only available for items that were selected on the map. This restriction has now been lifted and the tool can be launched from the legend for an entire layer of information. In addition to being able to interact with a lot more data, the following features were added to the grid to make it easier to discover and edit data:

  • Sorting, Filtering, and Searching: the grid now supports sorting, filtering, and searching of data on multiple columns. This makes it extremely quick and easy to find the exact data items that you need to view or edit.
  • Map recentering: users can click on the magnifying glass on any row of data to recenter the map around that object. In addition, users can interact with the map to fully understand the data they are editing. For example, perhaps one of the data fields is asking you to rate the parking for a store. You can click the map recentering tool, add an aerial to the map and count the number of parking spaces in the lot, then enter that number into the edit grid.
  • Highlighting of manual changes: any cell value that is edited is tracked and is shown to the user with a green highlight. These pending changes are persisted between paging of the data. All manually edited data is sent back to TAS upon saving of the grid.
  • Ability to revert manual changes: in case of a data entry mistake, the grid allows you to revert any manually created changes.
  • Enforcement of required fields: required fields are highlighted in yellow so they stand out to users. In addition, a data element cannot be saved if its required fields have not been entered.
  • Bulk updating of all rows for a specific column of data: once you filter the grid to show the exact items that you want to edit, you can now update all of the rows to a specific data value with a single click. This is very similar to copy/paste in Microsoft Excel where you can copy values from one cell to any number of rows in the spreadsheet. This specific feature can be disabled within TAS Management Studio or can be restricted to a subset of users if desired.


New Configurations for Bulk Edit in TAS Management Studio

With the updates to the bulk edit grid in TAS Online, new options are available for configuration in TAS Management Studio. In particular, there are two new options available at both the data source level and the role level:

  • Bulk Edit: allows the existing edit form to be used in bulk edit mode
  • Bulk Column Edit: allows users to bulk update all the rows of data with a specific data value

These options will allow you to completely disable bulk edit mode for a specific form or will allow you to control exactly what subset of users will have access to the feature. Like always, you can completely control the administration of the tool to match your desired outcomes.

jul20-TMS_EditFormSettings jul20-TMS_CustomQueryPermissions


Job Management and Android Camera Rewrite in TAS Mobile

Users may now access their TAS Online map book packages, as well as bulk demographics, closest stores, void analysis, and point detail report job results in TAS Mobile. In addition to accessing TAS Online results, users can process reports that are configured by a system administrator to process in the background as a job. For example, point detail and void analysis reports are often configured to process in the background and can now be run within TAS Mobile.








For our Android users, updates were made to the in-app camera functionality to improve the user experience while capturing photos out in the field. Whether you are on an iOS or an Android device, easily snap and save pictures of sites, stores, and shopping centers.


Make sure to update TAS Mobile or go to the App Store or Google Play store to download the latest version of the app!


Glenda Bemis