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This month’s software updates to TAS Online, TAS Mobile, and TAS Management Studio are all about improving your location data collection processes. Users can capture photos from within Add and Edit forms for faster and more structured site surveys. See the survey photos in-line with info form fields. Manage photos in TAS Mobile with the new delete photo options.

Add and Edit Form Photos in TAS Online and TAS Mobile

Last update we introduced the Placeholders and Hashtags to tag Trade Areas, Photos, Comments, and Multimedia. In this update, we are taking the tags for Photos to the next step with the addition of Photo form fields.

As users add new sites or update information at competitor locations, they can add photos inside the add and edit forms. These photos are added in form fields and they are assigned tags. For example, if someone is surveying a store and needs to add a front-of-store photo, their edit form can include a Front of Store field and the photos added to this field can be tagged with a placeholder FrontOfStore. Like other form fields, Photo fields may be required so users must capture a specific photo while filling out the form. All these configurations are completed in TAS Management Studio.

TAS Online Info Form Field Photo TAS Online Edit Form Field Photo


Delete a Point’s Photos in TAS Mobile

Also added to TAS Mobile’s Photo functionality is the ability to delete photos. Maybe you added a photo to a site that didn’t quite capture the entire shopping center pylon, but you didn’t notice until after you uploaded the photo to the site. Now you can go back to that photo and delete it from within TAS Mobile. If there were a series of photos that you need to delete and take again, remove multiple photos in one action while in the Photo page of the site.

TAS Mobile Delete Photo TAS Mobile Delete Bulk Photos


Bulk Edit in TAS Online

Ever need to quickly update multiple stores at one time? With the addition of Bulk Edit in TAS Online, you can! Select the point in the map and use the Selections’ Bulk Edit to open an interface displaying an interactive list of the selected points. Bulk Edit was designed in the likeness of Edit Forms, so the Bulk Edit fields provide the same functionality, like form drop-downs. The Bulk Edit form access is also driven by which Edit Forms are configured for the user’s role. Users will be able to edit in the Bulk Edit exactly what they can edit in the individual point’s Edit Form.

TAS Online Bulk Edit

A Few More Updates to Note

The Bulk Demographics tool in TAS Online received updates under the hood, improving performance and speed. Also, you will notice that the Legend appearance in TAS Online looks a bit different. The layer tools are combined into one menu now. Click on the drop-down button to access all the layer tools in one place.



Glenda Bemis