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A couple months ago we asked our user base to take a survey to help TAS get better. You may remember seeing the emails asking you to do so. Well, here we are to put a nice bow on that. First, we want to start with a heartfelt thank you to all those who participated. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated and valued.

With the skepticism behind taking surveys we wanted to ensure that you know your opinions and thoughts were heard loud and clear and taken into strong consideration. So, we wanted to share with you some findings we discovered through this process:

  • TAS Online & TAS Mobile were by far the most-used tools with 71% of respondents using at least TAS Mobile, and 49% using at least TAS Online.

  • There was a nice distribution across experience levels of using TAS – 33% with less than 1-year experience, 37% with 1-2 years’ experience, and 30% with more than 3 years’ experience.

  • Users love the ability to access and use the platform via our mobile app, on iOS & Android devices. Being able to see locations (both owned, and competitors) in real time on the road is a big benefit. Life has been made easier by being able to do things on the road.

  • Users also love the ability to access their data, in real time and on demand, and knowing they have the best data around. The three most utilized data sets were: Retail Location Data (75%), Demographics (48%), and Traffic Counts (40%).

  • 75% of respondents were not aware of all the training resources available with the TAS Support Center. We will make this more of a focus going forward.

  • There were many interesting and thought-provoking ideas for features or functions to be added. We will keep those in-house right now, so we don’t give our secrets away. Plus, who doesn’t like a surprise anyways?

There sure was a lot to go through with this survey, but we wanted to share these results to let you know we are paying attention. TAS always values user input on how to make us better, and we don’t want you to ever hesitate to reach out to share your thoughts. As always you can rely on our TAS Support Team to help you out with questions, training or general discussion. (Plus, based on the survey feedback we have an awesome Support Team in place!)