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Thanks to growing and new client partners, TAS has continued to take our best practices and networking out into the field. Recently, we hosted our first Regional TAS Day at our Charlotte, NC office with a great group of existing and potential TAS users in attendance. The goal of these events is always three-fold: to have TAS users share their experiences and use cases; provide a forum for users and non-users to ask questions of their peers; and provide an industry-specific networking opportunity.

While it’s fulfilling for us to see how creative and insightful TAS users can be when finding new and interesting ways to apply our tools to their craft, some of the best learning comes from those users willing to share their TAS tools and visualizations with others. Whether its customizing maps and outputs, configuring reporting, integrating analytics, or managing their user groups, seeing how various teams and users apply their tools and skills is exceptionally valuable.

Some highlights of this Regional TAS Day included how some use and interact with their customer data, and UberMedia’s mass mobile data, and how they use this data to both build and execute real estate strategies in specific markets. Other highlights were how some have integrated their analytics into TAS to work with live data and gain actionable insights in the field. One aspect of this day that really stood out was how useful it was to both a novice user, perhaps even new to the industry, as well as for expert-level users with decades of experience.

Since the event, we’ve received such great feedback we plan to continue to expand the Regional TAS Day series. Our next stop will be Dallas-Ft. Worth on Thursday, October 17th. If you’re interested in attending, reach out to Dustin Stancil (contact info below) to reserve a spot, as they are limited. Furthermore, if you’d like to have a Regional TAS Day in your area, let us know!

For more information or to request having a TAS Day in your city, contact:

Dustin Stancil