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On December 7, we held our third recent regional TAS user meetup, this time in Manhattan. We had a great turnout and the user presentations produced dynamic conversations that continued even beyond the official meeting time 

Topics of interest revolved around loyalty data, massive mobile data, and trade area delineation. One clear takeaway from this group: they wanted to know where others find their data sources, what data sources are out thereas well as the possibility of sharing data sources in TAS with other users. Sounds like a true community of users! 

You may be looking for a Points of Interest data set but not sure where to find it. Someone else may already have this data ready to use. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place for TAS users to go and share info about these data sources with others? 

That place actually exists! We have a community forum for talking all about data sources in the TAS Support Center. This is a space for all TAS users to go and talk about the data sources you have to share, and the data sources you hope someone else has to share. We will be following these conversations to help set up shared data sources in the TAS platform to all to enjoy.  

Jump into the discussion here! 

Have more to talk about than data sources? Check out the other community forums, as well. 

Glenda Bemis