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A few weeks back, we asked TAS clients and real estate professionals in the wider market to rate their outlook for the months ahead. With the uncertainty of the past twelve months, we were keen to understand the challenges facing the market in 2021.

Here, we've picked out a few highlights to provide a flavor of sentiment on traditional brick and mortar, the post-COVID horizon, and the role online will play in their strategy. 

brick and mortar

  • Respondents have mixed views on brick and mortar demand
  • While almost half (47%) expect demand to be a challenge or very challenging
  • 24% did not expect reduced brick and mortar demand to be a challenge at all

post-covid graphic

  • Respondents said understanding the post-COVID landscape was going to be challenging:
  • 64% rated understanding their competitive environment post-COVID as a challenge or very challenging
  • Only 9% placed this in the lowest two categories

online presence

  • Respondents are broadly in agreement that developing their online presence will be high priority
  • 34% rate this as very important with a further 26% ranking it as important
  • Only 13% rated their online presence as not important at all in 2021


  • 22% of respondents considered developing their omnichannel strategy to be very important in 2021
  • A further 14% believed this was important
  • However, 22% felt omnichannel strategy was not applicable to their business

You can download the full report here.


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