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We’re getting “mappy” with it this November with some new and updated features, now available in TAS Online.

Here’s what we’ve got for you.

New: Bing Isochrones Engine

Want to generate a drive-time polygon anywhere in the world? Now you can with the integration of Bing Isochrones!

Bing Isochrones introduces drive times with predictive traffic. For drive distance polygons, users can specify whether to calculate the distance in miles or in kilometers.

This engine is available anywhere a trade area is used – Mapping, Bulk Demographics, Closest Stores, and Map Books.

Please contact your account manager to find out how to get access to Bing Isochrones.

New: Location Aware Form Dropdowns

Location Aware form dropdowns were available in TAS Online Legacy Data Sources. Now, Admin users can configure these drop-downs in TAS Management Studio’s Data Sources!

Does your site selection process involve joining potential sites back to a central research area? Or maybe you want to link your closest traffic counts to your stores? Now, you can add location-aware drop-downs to your add and edit forms. Based on your point’s location, these drop-downs will show a list of closest points.


Updated: Print Map Setup

Previously name Print Map Preview, the Print Map Setup received a major facelift. Added to Print Map is the ability to quickly toggle the base map type.

A new refresh button allows the user to make multiple changes to the setup without waiting for the preview to change after each change. Make all changes and then enable to refresh to get a preview of your final setup.

All current features remain, but the interface for each button was updated for a better user experience. Quickly add and position the Legend and Quick Demographics right from the toolbars. As always, save your configurations to a default template for fast map printing.



For a deeper dive on what’s new, please visit the TAS Support Center! Click here to launch the TAS Support Center.

Glenda Bemis