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Do you have data that tells you where your shoppers live? Maybe you have data on internet sales and where items are shipped to. Take your loyalty data to the next level by adding it to your TAS environment.


A picture is worth a thousand words…with visualization, you can outline voids in your markets and see overlapping trade areas that could impact the productivity of your fleet. Then, generate reports to support objective analysis of a potential location in a market. Save time and money in the field by knowing where your customers are relative to your competition and finding the right location to grow your business.

TAS Analyst, Mobile, and Online have mapping and reporting tools built for your loyalty data. Total Sales, Sales by Departments, Customer Counts, Market Share – However you slice it, we have different ways of visualizing your data.


If you’re not lucky enough to have loyalty data, don’t give up as there are still ways to gain these benefits. We have massive mobile data! Better understand the trade area of your store, restaurant, potential site, or shopping center by using the UberRetail mobile device data integrated into TAS. You can also view competitor trade areas so you can position yourself to be more convenient to their customers.

Again, see this information on the map or in a report in TAS Analyst, Online, and Mobile.


Curious about how to integrate your loyalty data or how to add UberRetail into your TAS environment? ***Ask us***!

Glenda Bemis