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All Hallows Eve is almost upon us! To get in the spirit, let’s have some fun with TAS tools.

Use an Ad Hoc Data Source to Track Trick or Treating Houses

Maybe you have created a new data source in the Ad Hoc Data Sources to keep track of notes while on a market tour or when you are casing competitors. Let’s do the same thing, but instead we’ll keep track of what kind of candy the kids get while trick or treating!

Before you head out for the night, jump into TAS Online and build out your layer in the Ad Hoc Manager’s Create New Data Source. In my ad hoc layer, I added a field for notes about the candy.


With my new data source layer ready to roll, I can use it in TAS Mobile on my phone. As I go from house to house, the Follow Me icon will make it easy to add points for the house and note things about the candy. Next year, I can look at my notes and guide the kids on what houses to go to for the best candy!

Save a Candy Corn Trade Area Template

Just looking to liven up your work day this season? Make your trade areas look like one of the most controversial sweets – candy corn!

By clicking on any point in TAS Online or TAS Mobile, you can access the Generate Trade Area interface. Here, you can configure the appearance of your trade areas. I took my usual 1, 3, 5 mile rings and changed the ring fill and border to the white, orange, and yellow colors of the candy.

Once I was done with my setup, I saved my candy corn rings to a trade area template. After I saved the template, I also set this as my default template to load every time I opened the Generate Trade Area interface!

Create a Query for Spirit Halloween Locations

Are you still undecided on a costume and risk having to go as a Procrastinator (again!)? Fear not, just create a query in TAS Management Studio so you can see the Spirit Halloween stores on the map!

If you have a data source like ChainXY or AggData that provides you store locations for retailer chains, you can build a query in TAS Management Studio for your TAS Online and TAS Mobile users.

For my example, I used the ChainXY data source and created a query and a symbol set to show all the Spirit Halloween stores with the logo.

Then, I assigned this to my user roles. Since I gave this query to every role, everyone in my organization can use it in TAS Online and TAS Mobile!

As always, you can find out how to configure all of these tools in our TAS Support Center or by reaching out to the Client Solutions team.


Glenda Bemis