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For three weeks in May, Kalibrate ran a series of virtual client events to provide market insight, share best practices, and introduce the newest additional to the group.

During the course of the event, more than 330 clients joined us – making it an even bigger success than last year’s edition.

With sessions covering topics as diverse as the electric vehicle revolution, location analytics, and the link between real estate and marketing, the summit aimed to address the biggest challenges and opportunities in our markets today. Below, we've picked out some of our highlights.


The team at TAS were delighted to be able to deliver our sessions as well as co-present a number of events with our colleagues from across the Kalibrate Group. 

Dustin Stancil was joined by Matt Montgomery from Intalytics and Charles Wetzel from eSite for a dive into the location analytics journey.

We also heard from Anila Siraj, Kalibrate's Head of Data Strategy and electric vehicle (EV) project lead, on how to identify locations that would be most suited to accommodating EV charging facilities. This event also featured a product demo led by our very own Glenda Bemis. 

The follow-up session saw Anila and Glenda explore the EV driver profile and customer segmentation. As we approach mass EV adoption, they covered how businesses can ensure they have the right offering in place for this evolving customer set. 

New additions

This was the first large client event since Kalibrate's acquisition of Intalytics and investment in eSite, and there were plenty of opportunities to hear speakers from those businesses too. 

Popular sessions included the omnichannel strategy event presented by Pete Bacigalupo at eSite and Bill McKeogh at Intalytics. Bill's exploration of how to get more from your forecasting tools was also a popular one with retail clients, as was Intalytics' Jonathan Wilson and Justin Tischler's session on the many applications and use cases of mobility data.


Hearing from you!

Of course, the main aim of the summit was to connect with our clients during these challenging times. We were delighted to be joined by some of our retail customers from across the group for a special panel discussion on changing market dynamics and much more. This was among the best attended sessions of the conference and it was great to hear from our clients on their experiences. 

We'd like to thank everyone who came along to a session, participated in a poll, asked a question of the speakers, or joined us on our panel events or users groups. We hope we'll be seeing you in person next time out!

TAS Team