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Olivia from 7-Eleven leading our Fireside Chat. (note actual fireside graphics on table)

After a long day of learning and sharing, some quality food and drink are required. Great views from the roof deck of the Reata, as well.

I recently had the chance to join fellow geo-enthusiasts at the 2019 PopStats conference in Fort Worth, TX. The team at Synergos did a top-notch job of hosting and organizing — the speakers, content, sessions, and networking, plus great food and coffee to keep us fueled up. As usual, it was an interesting conference, but this year TAS had the unique advantage of hosting TAS Day!

I’ve spent the last 16 years attending conferences such as this from the other side of the business — attending sessions, taking notes, asking questions, and hopefully taking something back to the office to share with the team. So now, being on the vendor side gave me a totally new perspective.

Here are the 3 biggest takeaways I learned about TAS clients:

  1. They’re innovative. TAS was founded because there was a need to fill a gap for a great system to help teams manage, analyze, and report on their stores. But TAS clients have taken it to a new level. From the ways they’re connecting data sources to how information is visualized, they’re using TAS to drive their business forward. It’s kind of like that moment when you realize your kids are smarter than you.
  2. They’re curious. You know when someone is on to a great idea by the questions they ask. I had great conversations related to tough business problems that clients are using TAS to answer. It’s great to see users expanding the use of the TAS platforms to answer those questions.
  3. Y’all, they’re like super smart. I can’t emphasize this enough. The methods and analyses I listened to team members discuss were inspiring. And they’re not just talking about it, they’re executing strategies within the TAS platform. Our clients are taking Real Estate Strategy and Market Research to a new level.

TAS Day taught me a lot about our team. But most importantly it reemphasized the reason I joined TAS — I absolutely love the relationship we have with our clients. Having team members at TAS that have been in our clients’ seat creates a unique relationship of honest, candid, and constructive ideating that drives real results to our clients and their businesses. I can’t wait to see what the next year of building those relationships brings.

We heard from many of you that regional meetings are a great way to network and share ideas with fellow TAS users. If you would like to host a TAS Day in your region, reach out and let us know. Our team will help facilitate and connect users to get these events jumpstarted. You are a community of users, there is no better resource than your peers.

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend TAS Day 2019. Our clients are what make this company great and what continues to drive our innovation to make TAS best in class.