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We pushed new features to three of our applications. Check them out!

TAS Online

Standard Geography Trade Area Builder and Updated Generate Trade Area Library UI

A new type of trade area type is now available: Standard Geographies. For any cosmetic or data source point, build a trade area by selecting block groups, census tracts, zip codes, etc. Find the right combination of zip codes in an area by viewing demographic report results as you select the geographies on the map, or load a list of IDs.

Standard Geographies

With the addition of the Standard Geography Trade Area, we also revamped the Generate Trade Area Library user interface. All previous configuration options are still available, plus users can set the drive time settings per trade area interval, change the units of measurements for rings, drive times, and drive distances, and rename the Trade Area Library before generating the trade areas.

Trade Area Library


Updated Point Detail Report Wizard

We updated the Point Detail Report user interface to add more flexibility for the options in the new Point Detail Reports (which we will talk more about later in TAS Management Studio). Configure multiple reports, add the option to run a report as a job, use different trade areas, and set different output formats all to run at the same time.

PDR Wizard

New Hashtags and Placeholders

Administrators can create and distribute hashtags and placeholders in TAS Management Studio for use in TAS Online. Those users with access to hashtags and placeholders can use them when working with trade areas, multimedia, comments, and photos in their environment. For example, a user can add a hashtag #RealEstatePlan to any comments they make that relate to a store’s real estate. Also, a Front of Store placeholder can be added to the front of store photo. Add Placeholders and Hashtags to items in your environment now, as they will be used by additional functionality in future releases in the reporting tools and Map Books.

Adding Hashtags and Placeholders

Embedded Help Links

You will now find quick access to tool help articles anywhere you see a in the interface. Click this button to jump to that article and find out how to use the tool!


TAS Online is now available in eight languages! The interface now works with your device localization and will display in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian, and Malay.

Spanish Language Map

TAS Management Studio

New Point Data Source Report Builder

Administrators can fully configure Point Detail Reports for their Data Sources in TAS Management Studio. With these new configuration tools, we updated the report formatting options, added a column footer option to display data aggregations, and Drive Time and Drive Distance are now available. In here, the same tables available to your data sources can be included in the report. If you want to create a report to pull a list of stores or properties and join it to other data, like the location county’s COVID-19 data, you can. For more info on creating that report, check out our blog on our COVID-19 data integration.

Report Join

Faster Data Source Form Management

Another update to our Data Sources relates to the speed and efficiency of managing Info, Edit, and Add Forms. The team has worked behind the scenes to speed up the processing of any update users make. A new form role reconciliation prompt is now available when a form’s role access needs to be reviewed or reconciled. If the changes made in the role do not need to be reconciled, administrative users now have the choice to not reconcile and let their users have the same access to forms as they did before.


Create and Assign Hashtags and Placeholders

As previously noted, Hashtags and Placeholders are now available to use in TAS Online. Administrators can create, configure, and assign the Hashtags and Placeholders for their TAS users.

These hashtag and placeholder phrases could be common terms used in retail real estate like #RealEstatePlan or #PrimaryTradeArea; or you can create phrases that are specific to your company. Give users access to the hashtags and placeholders by adding them to roles, and have users tag them to photos, comments, multimedia, and trade areas.


TAS Mobile

Updated Generate Trade Area Library UI

The Generate Trade Area Library interface in TAS Mobile received updates in the likeness of TAS Online! Options were added here to set the drive time settings for each trade area interval, change the unit of measurements for rings, drive times, and drive distances, and rename the Trade Area Library to your liking.




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