What’s New in the Latest TAS Mobile Update

There’s a brand new update of TAS Mobile now available for iOS and Android.

Here’s a preview of what’s in the new release:

Comments Enhancements
Map, photo, and point comments now feature a threaded message experience.

Generate Trade Area
The Generate Trade Area interface now uses the Trade Area Templates paradigm we recently introduced in TAS Online.

Photos: Pending Uploads
In Settings, users can access and resubmit photos that did not successfully upload.

Quick Demographics
The TAS Online Quick Demographics panel is now available in TAS Mobile. Users may access this panel from the Legend.

Saved Maps
Users can save, share, publish and manage maps from within TAS Mobile. Users may access maps from the Legend.

We’ve put together a comprehensive video overview of the new update, posted below.

TAS Mobile: What’s New July 2018 from Trade Area Systems on Vimeo.

Glenda Bemis
Director of Client Success