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We just rolled out an update to TAS Online, focused on an improved Bing Map control, as well as several of the most requested features from our customers.

Streetside Images

The number one feature request in TAS Online is for Streetside imagery. Good news, it’s now included! The map underneath the streetside image is used for navigation and shows the perspective of the current view. It is a very nice navigational experience and I think you will be impressed with how far in you can zoom. Figuring out exactly where a retailer is just got a lot easier.

New Map Types

Several new map backgrounds are now available:

  • Gray Road:  this map shows everything in grayscale and is useful when you want to focus the eye on something else while maintaining the ability for the user to see street labels.
  • Dark Road:  this map shows the base map in black. City labels and highway shields are still visible but individual street names are not. This map type allows customer loyalty data maps to really pop.
  • Light Road:  this base map is very similar to the stock roadmap but has a more subtle color palette.

Heat Maps

Customer loyalty maps and UberRetail maps can now be visualized using heat maps. Heat maps are a great visualization for showing the density of point based data. Support for heat maps was also added to TAS Management Studio which now allows the full creation and modification of heat maps. Below is an example:

 Quick Demographic Panel Improvements

This release includes the ability to attach an existing trade area to the Quick Demographics panel. This allows for interactive charting of trade area data and can also be included on your print layouts.

Localized Address Search with Auto Complete

The address search box will now show suggestions while you type based on the location that the map is currently viewing.

Real Time Traffic Layer

A real-time traffic layer which shows traffic delays and incidents is now included. This feature is also included in the upcoming release of TAS Mobile, but that’s a story for next week

Bill Dakai