Move TAS Forward

Our platform is built on powerful data management and visualization tools that enhance and accelerate retail real estate decisions.

Your data, collected and connected

TAS integrates your proprietary data about customers, competitors, and opportunities into one single platform. That means you’re always making real estate decisions with one version of the truth about the data that drives decisions.

Apps for collaborative action

Access and visualize your data through a powerful suite of web, mobile, and desktop GIS applications. Whether you’re creating trade areas, collecting data in the field, or performing complex retail analyses, real estate teams can collaborate seamlessly, anytime and anywhere.

Clear operational knowledge

TAS stands alone in the ability to connect and share data with other internal systems within your organization, from operations to finance, to marketing and merchandising. We work closely with your IT resources to safely and securely give you complete clarity about your retail operations.

Know more with more data

Let third-party data offerings enhance your TAS experience even further. We offer powerful options across multiple data categories, including demographic, store/point data and mobility data, and more.