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The Problem?

When the data used to make real estate decisions comes from incomplete, out-of-date, and other siloed sources, decisions feel like guesses. In the world of retail real estate, making site selection based on guesses can spell disaster. TAS is the ultimate vessel for all of your critical retail data.

The TAS Solution

The best real estate decisions happen when your critical data is collected and synced inside of one platform, where everyone on your team has the information they need at their fingertips. No more decentralized spreadsheets, PDFs or emails. Instead, you can grow your retail practice knowing that everyone is operating with data that’s harmonized and completely secure.

The Results

TAS clients enjoy dramatic increases in their real estate pipeline productivity, Real Estate Committee approval ratios, and a significant decrease in the costs wasted pursuing bad deals.

Existing Store Data Existing Store Data


New Store Opportunities New Store Opportunities


Customer Data Customer Data


The TAS team handled the challenges we threw at them like champs. It was clear from the beginning that they would be a great long-term partner.