TAS Analytics

Our level of flexibility and control is unmatched

Data Science Consulting

The first step in any analytics project is figuring out what data to pull together and how to manage it. We can help with this process.

Trade Area Definition

Understanding the trade areas of your existing stores is essential. From how far do they pull? Are they impacted by competition, sister stores, or even online sales?

Lifestyle Segmentation

Who are your customers? What drives them to your store? What other brands do they like to shop and what kinds of media do they consume?

Forecast Modeling

Once you know the where and the who, you can start to think about forecasting. Identify the key success drivers, and their relative importance. Is this a good site? Does it fit with our strategy?

Cannibalization Analysis

Once you understand trade areas and customers, it’s possible to develop clear estimates of transfer sales with new store openings.

Market Optimization

Position within markets is critical to plan entry into new markets, but also to identify in-fill opportunities in core markets.

Market Planning

Developing strategy at a national scale can be difficult. We can help you understand what markets to enter, when, and how many stores to expect.

Portfolio Strategy

Openings, closings, relocations, acquisitions, dispositions, real estate capital investment requires a holistic view.

Real Estate Process

Developing a productive and efficient process for real estate projects can be a challenge. We’ll help you empower field users, un-silo data, and reduce dead-deal costs.