The TAS Unity Suite

Online, mobile, desktop and server technology designed for retail,
whether it’s for one user or thousands.

TAS Unity is a suite of technologies designed to enhance your retail real estate processes. It provides the information people need to make better decisions faster using the platform that meets their needs - desktop GIS, online or mobile apps.

TAS Unity gives people access to:

  • Thematics maps
  • Aerial imagery
  • Trade areas
  • Store and competitor data
  • Demographic reports
  • Potential sites
  • Anything else you need to track
  • Lease expirations
  • Store sales
  • P&Ls
  • Deal status
  • Plans
  • Real estate strategy
  • Anything else you need to track

TAS Online

With TAS Online it’s easy to make better, faster decisions right from your web browser. You have secure access to everything you need, plus the ability to update information. No more emails, PDFs, notes and cell phones pictures - now it’s kept in one place - attached to the opportunity it belongs to. The result is better informed decisions made much faster.

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TAS Mobile

TAS Mobile is designed for people in the field. You still have access to all the information you need to make better decisions - but from your mobile phone or tablet. Plus, TAS Mobile takes advantage of the built-in GPS and camera in your mobile device. So you can collect information in the field and immediately make it available to anyone who needs it.

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TAS Analyst

TAS Analyst is designed for retail real estate power users. It is a full-featured and easy-to-use retail geographic information system (GIS) built on MapInfo Professional® and is designed to do the things that retail real estate analysts need. It’s also perfect for creating large format maps.

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A TAS Unity can be as simple or complex as you require. Implementation can range from:

  • From a 1 user cloud-based system with online and mobile access
  • Desktop GIS only, behind-the-firewall system
  • Hybrid implementation with a number of desktop GIS users and dozens, hundreds or even thousands of cloud-based online and mobile users

Best of all, you can start simple and grow over time.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, efficiency and security, TAS Unity:

  • Is configurable to support your existing real estate processes
  • Can integrate your own analytics and models
  • Allows control over who can see, do, and edit particular data and reports
  • Can connect to other systems behind your firewall to provide access to the business intelligence people need
  • Scales from one user to thousands
  • Let’s you use only the technologies you need - online, mobile, and/or desktop GIS
  • Let’s you define roles and assign users to them so people can see and do only what they need to
  • Let’s you limit people to working only in particular geographic areas

Additional Products

Retail real estate is a challenging business. Only Trade Area Systems has comprehensive technology solutions you need to empower better decisions 3 times faster.

TAS Cloud

TAS CloudTM provides your people secure access to the information they need no matter where they are via TAS Online and TAS Mobile without the need to open holes in your firewall. This means your critical infrastructure stays secure without locking people out from the information they need to make better, faster decisions. Single Sign-On is available.

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TAS Server

TAS ServerTM is server technology that goes behind your firewall. It installs on top of your Microsoft SQL Server and connects to TAS Analyst as well as other systems behind your firewall, which means you have access to the business intelligence people need to make smart decisions quickly. In addition, TAS Server also includes the world’s most accurate demographic retrieval engine.

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TAS Sync

TAS SyncTM securely connects TAS Cloud and TAS Server together so that information can flow between them as needed.  This means that changes made from TAS Online or TAS Mobile can get behind your firewall so TAS Analyst users (and other systems) see the same data. The same is true in the other direction.  This means everyone sees one version of the truth.

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TAS Management Studio

TAS Management StudioTM allows system administrators to see how TAS Unity works.

  • Manage users
  • Define roles
  • Assign users to roles
  • Manage geographic security
  • Manage data sources
  • Define thematic maps & reports
  • Manage TAS Sync

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TAS Data Manager

The TAS Unity platforms give users the ability to correct and update 3rd party data about stores, shopping centers etc.  But what happens when the data is subsequently updated by the vendor. Before TAS Data ManagerTM, all the changes were lost, insuring that people would never again take the trouble to update data. TAS Data Manager allow you to control which changes are kept and which aren’t.  The result is that over time, you build a proprietary databases of your company’s market knowledge that is better than anything you can buy.

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TAS  Publisher / TAS Viewer

TAS PublisherTM lets TAS Online users share their maps and analyses with people who do not have a TAS Unity license. TAS Publisher create a unique URL that can be emailed. Then anyone can open the analysisanaltsis in TAS Viewer, which does not require a login.  TAS viewer allows users to scroll, zoom, click on points and explore the map in ways that PDFs can’t. For enhanced security, published maps can be limited to opening only from behind the company firewall.

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A few years ago we realized that existing drive time engines did not meet the demands of retail real estate professionals and we set out to address this issue. The result is Chauffeur, a drive time engine built for retail real estate.

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The TAS team handled the challenges we threw their way like champs. It was clear from the beginning that they would be a great long-term partner.

Mark Pollan, Manager of Site Quality & New Store Performance, 7-Eleven, Inc.