Who is TAS

 About Trade Area Systems

TAS was founded to address two huge industry problems. Joe Rando, a Shopping Center Developer, was frustrated with the technology tools available to identify leasing opportunities. Bill Dakai was equally frustrated with the available tools to perform retail site selection. They both decided to do something about it, and TAS was born in 2003.

Since then, they’ve been realizing the dream to build technology to give people access to all the relevant data they need to make smarter retail real estate decisions.

Governor Rimando & Mayor Elorza
Governor Gina Raimondo and Mayor Jorge Elorza officially welcoming TAS to Providence, RI.

The TAS Mission

To help our customers thrive with technology and support that enables them to accelerate their retail site selection and leasing decisions (and have fun doing it!).

TAS UNIFY 2017From the TAS Unify 2017 Unconference
We like to think of TAS as the company that transformed the research department from “those people that make maps” to analysis juggernauts!

Meet Team TAS

Joe Rando

Joe Rando


Since the early 1990s, Joe Rando has developed almost 1 million square feet of retail based on the results of GIS and analytical tools. He is passionate about the intersection of technology and people to enhance and improve retail site selection and deal making. He lives in Sharon, MA with his wife and has three grown daughters. When not working, he likes to ski, jog, and travel.


Bill Dakai

Co-Founder & President

Bill is responsible for TAS day to day operations. Previously, he was Director of Market Research for CVS Pharmacy, where he was instrumental in the company’s nationwide expansion. Bill is happiest when he is left alone to code.  This hasn’t happened since early 2008. Bill currently lives in Millville, MA, with his wife and two children. His hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, and coding.

Tina Dakai

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Tina handles many different functions at TAS. She launched the company’s internship program with area colleges and universities. She also handles payroll and other contract functions within the sales department. Tina’s two teenagers keep her busy along with her dog, Princess.  Tina loves traveling, hiking, and cross-country skiing.


Omar Ayala

Vice President of Software Engineering

Coder, pro-wrestling enthusiast, Johnny Depp doppelgänger. Omar enjoys programming as a hobby, and fancies turning ideas into reality. When not donating money to Supercell, he enjoys traveling and caring for his family, Anna-Maria, Chopper and Cassie.


Tyler Banville

Client Solutions Engineer

In addition to being a member of the Client Solutions team, Tyler doubles as the TAS IT expert as he holds a BS in Network Engineering. Tyler is also a singer, dog lover, gamer, Star Wars fan, soccer coach, LEGO master builder, comic book lover, and all around nerd. Fun Fact: Tyler and Batman have never been seen in the same place at the same time.

Amy Beals

Amy Beals

Client Solutions Engineer

Customer Service is Amy’s passion. She’s a team player that loves solving problems. She also loves cooking, listening to podcasts, and summer beach days. Amy’s currently working toward her BS in Cyber Security at New England Institute of Technology.

Glenda Bemis

Director of Client Success

When not geeking out over all things maps, Glenda enjoys traveling, music festivals, and participating in obstacle course races. Like most of TAS, Glenda has a dog. Except, she has the best dog.

Rob Broccoli

Rob Broccoli

Director of Client Solutions

Rob works with our clients to develop and implement our technology into their corporate environment while meeting their individual needs. He also developed some of the core software products at TAS. Rob received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island. On the weekends, if he’s not at work, he can usually be found lifting weights at the gym.

Tyler Cyr

Director of Marketing & Communications

Surely there are things about Tyler worth knowing. We’ll let you know when we know.

James Deignan

James Deignan

Client Solutions Engineer

James eats Chinese food for lunch pretty much every day.

Jesse Ferland

Jesse Ferland

Technical Lead, Client Solutions

During the week Jesse leads the Client Solutions team, but on the weekends you’ll find him at local D.I.Y. house shows. When he’s not being a punk, Jesse is a nerd. From comic books and video games, to Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, Jesse loves it all.

Tricia Harvey

Tricia Harvey

Office Coordinator

Tricia wears many hats… sometimes all at once!  This seems to be her character both inside and outside the office. She enjoys attending and supporting her family in their various activities, watching Boston Bruins hockey, and working seasonally at Gillette Stadium in support of the Patriots. Tricia is also an active volunteer with a local charitable foundation which is dear to her heart.

Hartwell Hooper

Hartwell Hooper

Vice President of Client Success

As a child, my mother wallpapered my bedroom with National Geographic maps.  Now I’m an applied geographer and tech geek with over 20 years of experience in customer analytics, business intelligence, retail location analysis, and geographic information systems. Thanks Ma.

Donna Isabel

Donna Isabel

Human Resources Specialist

HR guru, raised in family of 18, learned from the best, MOM! Donna is a creative, kind, loyal, “get beside you” working enthusiast, grateful to see beauty in all things! While her husband & kids explore nature for physical exercise, she often lags behind to snap a pic of that diamond in the rough.

Shelley Rapoza


Shelley has been with TAS since its founding in 2003.  A busy mom of two, her favorite time is spending summers at her family beach house in CT. An advocate for healthy and active lifestyle, Shelley practices what she preaches by being active in her local triathlon club and completing Ironman competitions. She is known as a serial celebrator of the holiday season, so please be ready to receive her cheer and good tidings, or else.

Jacob Rittenberg

Client Solutions Engineer

When not writing documentation or code, Jake can most likely be found in local food hot spots or catching up on the latest movies, all while lovingly raising a bunny child named Charles with his girlfriend.

Greg Rutan

Greg Rutan

Vice President of Sales

Described as a problem solver, compassionate colleague, client advocate, office contrarian and occasionally “that guy”, Greg puts all his energy into growing TAS and embarrassing his children. Greg’s wife, Diane enjoys travel and sometimes takes him with her.

Dustin Stancil

Dustin Stancil

Director of Business Development

Dustin’s love for all things spatial began at 10 when his dad let him plot contour lines on aerials using a stereoplotter. Since then, he’s worked alongside Real Estate Strategy teams in the retail and financial sectors. This gives Dustin the knowledge and perspective to partner with TAS clients to help them grow and succeed. When not teaming up with his daughter to annoy his wife, Dustin can be found running, trying to cook, and working on home projects…which he sometimes finishes.

Anthony Vanikiotis

Associate Director, Business Development

Anthony oversees all implementations at TAS, interacting with new customers to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Before TAS, Anthony worked at Hasbro in the Global Operations department in between serving as a Captain America model. He also enjoys being a foodie, golfing, and traveling.

Lorie Williams

VP of Consulting and Analytics

We’ll let you know lots of interesting stuff about Lorie very soon!

Working at TAS

We’re always looking for passionate and talented people to keep TAS moving forward. We offer competitive compensation and benefits in a fun, relaxed atmosphere in one of the coolest cities around.

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Some of Our Benefits

  • BC/BS of RI PPO Plans with fully paid HRA for individuals & family.
  • Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Three weeks of paid vacation and personal time
  • One week of paid sick time.
  • Deeply discounted health club membership on location.
  • A new, state-of-the-art office space in Downtown Providence
  • Fully paid parking
  • Regular team lunches and professional enrichment opportunities